Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello ... and goodbye

A very brief hello. We arrived home from our hols last night and we're off to London this evening so we can help Elder Son with tree shredding.

I don't have time to catch up properly so just a quick glimpse of the mountain we climbed. It's called Sugarloaf and isn't that high until you have to push a pushchair up it. I'll own up: I did most of the pushing on the flattish bits; the steep bits I left to Husband.
On top of the world. I told GrandDaughter she was a princess of this country. 'All you can see is yours. And mine.'
The topmost bit of the path was unnavigable for pushchairs so Husband had to carry GrandDaughter.
It was just the three of us and HollyDog. Daughter and I view hills differently. I see a hill and say, 'Let's go climb it!'
Daughter sees a mountain and says, 'Why?'
I say, 'To see what we can see from the top.'
Daughter says, 'It'll only be more mountains.'

As it happened we couldn't see anything very clearly as it was hazy but let's face it, this is Wales: if it hadn't been hazy it would have been raining.

Back after the weekend with a full rundown on our holiday. Bet you can't wait!!


Leslie: said...

You must have leg muscles of iron to climb that! :D

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I agree with Leslie .. not so much the climbing though .. doing it with a pushchair..

You daughter and I think on the same lines :-) .. ha ha ..

My son has just been to Snowdonia .. it was fabulous weather and he got super photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery!

But ... a pushchair? I laughed when I saw your little note of where you left it.

NitWit1 said...

I love the different perspectives of being on the top of a mountain.How true that is of just about everything.