Friday, March 18, 2011

Flipping doctors' receptionists

I've asked before but I have to ask again: why are doctors' receptionists so miserable?

I phoned this morning. 'Could I see a doctor, please?'
'10.30. Date of birth ....... Name ....... Goodbye.'

Honestly, it was early so she didn't have the excuse of having had lots of difficult patients already. I only have a sore throat (okay, since you insist - I have an incredibly tender throat that feels as if there are little goblins in there stabbing my tonsils) but some people who call the surgery are really ill or anxious about their own health or that of a loved one. Efficiency is one thing but it can still be done in a friendly tone of voice.

Fortunately the receptionist when I arrived raised my opinion slightly. She said, 'Your doctor's running a bit late.'
'So I have time to go to the toilet then?'
'You've got time to go for a bacon sandwich if you like.'

And it was true. My appointment was for 10.40 and I didn't get in to the doctor until 11.38. And as I was out at 11.42 it does make me wonder what the five people who went in in front of me had wrong with them to take up so much time.

And my appointment included a chat about my happy pills and my runny nose. She's given me a chitty to go for allergy testing when I'm over my cold. She said they test for a range of common allergens and then she listed lots; I hope they don't have to take too much blood ...

Normally I'd wait for my cold/sore throat to work its way out but we're going on holiday on Sunday with GrandDaughter and I hate not being able to hug her properly!


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

But did you take the opportunity to nip out for that health-giving bacon sarnie ?
It might have been just what your throat needed .
Word verification is tingran ???

Liz said...

I know I'm a bit creaky but I'm not actually a tin gran yet!

nick said...

My doctor's receptionists are unfailingly cheerful and helpful. Ditto at the dentist. Is there something in the Northern Irish water?

sally in norfolk said...

my son has real bad tonsillitis at the moment never known him so ill so you take care of that sore throat :-)

Anonymous said...

lol, I wonder the same thing - why the patients before me take so long. I guess the doctor has to stop for tea and bathroom breaks sometime!