Thursday, February 17, 2011

Open the box or take the money?

Also, with my rejection, the postman brought an order from Amazon. Thing is, I ordered a children's book and the box is the size of - I don't know - a dvd player. Do you think it's a bomb?

Or am I ordering things in my sleep and forgetting I've done so?

I'm sitting here staring at the box. I suppose I should open it.

But I'm depressed.

I'm reading a book currently from the publisher that I approached and it's not particularly good. I've skipped over large chunks of it. I'm sure mine is better!

Ah, well, onwards and upwards. Back to novel number 2, which is more authentically my style i.e. lots of misery, madness and death.

Shall I open the box? Or take the money?

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