Monday, February 28, 2011

Not my problem, guv

Last week in work we had the boiler serviced; this week it stopped working.

It was only a temporary glitch but one that is recurring and intermittent - the worst sort. The plumber says it's an electrical problem; the electrician says it's down to the plumber.

It seems more likely to be an electrical fault as something is tripping the fuse so I'm going to have to call the electrician. I say 'have to' because I really don't want to. He is one of those people who make my eyes glaze over within 20 seconds of being in his company. I know he will try and explain things to me and, quite frankly, I'm not interested in an explanation: I just want him to fix it. Not only am I not interested, I don't understand a word he says after 'you know the ...'

I smile and say, 'no, not really.'
But he doesn't take the hint and tries to explain it to me anyway.

I wonder why he doesn't notice that my eyes are glazed but then I suspect that he has the same effect on everyone so it's probably normal for him to be faced with glazed eyes. He probably hasn't seen anyone with unglazed eyes since he was five.

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