Friday, January 21, 2011

Reporting back on things

My boeuf bourgignon turned out well. Richly flavoursome and plenty of it. A teeny bit over-cooked in that the meat was in shreds but better that than tough and chewy.

Ffion - the boxing partner from hell - broke her finger while boxing. I'm sure there's a message in that somewhere but I'm not brave enough to tell her.

PayPal - excuse me while I hyperventilate - continues to be a pain in the wotsit. I arrived home from Devon last night to find a letter from them waiting for me. I refused to open it as I wanted to be able to sleep so took it to work this morning. Then I did everything on my list plus several things not on my list to avoid opening it for as long as possible. Then I bowed to the inevitable.

I read it, screamed, punched the desk and had to go for a walk outside in the sunshine to calm down.

I swear they didn't even read my pages-long explanation and complaint.

'We're unable to explain the complaint' - I don't want an explanation; it's my complaint; I know what it means. I want an apology and the £222.72 belonging to Mutende Children's Village in Zambia that you won't let me have. And I want someone who can write in proper English.

'If you're not happy with our response,' they said, 'you can go back to the Financial Ombudsman.' Too flipping true I'm going back to him.

I'm thinking of setting up a Facebook group: Make PayPal give the orphans their money.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

PayPal's a pain in the neck ! In theory it's a marvellous idea . Simple international on-line banking ..... but the online bit means it's , in practice , uncontactable .
They hide behind a handful of stock questions and replies , none of which quite fit.
Good luck with it all !

jams o donnell said...

I hope that you sort out the problems with Paypal. It is a disgrace that people in need are not getting the help they need

Liz said...

That's it spot-on, sonata! I keep asking for someone who has some free will to deal with my questions but all I get is another robot.

I'm not holding my breath, jams.

katney said...

If you do the FB group, I will "like" it.

I avoid Paypal. Always have, always will.