Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In which I make a culinary discovery - or two

Spicy parsnip soup. That was on the menu for last night's dinner. But then I found other things hiding in the back of the vegetable rack so it became spicy parsnip and miscellaneous root vegetable soup. And very nice it was too.

However, and this is where I reveal my discovery, it should be noted that dessicated coconut is not a good alternative to creamed coconut or coconut milk. Even after being whizzed in the blender, it was still possible to make out the bits of coconut in the soup. And get them stuck in between your teeth.

(And I am very impressed with myself: I spelled dessicated right first time.)

My second culinary discovery happened this afternoon.

I've been grumbling for some time that the lettuce, cucumber and even mushrooms in the salad drawers at the bottom of the fridge have been getting frozen solid. Today I found the little knob at the back of the fridge that enables me to turn up the temperature!

I've only had the fridge 14 months ...

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