Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do I feel it only could happen to me?

Some people say that they can't think what to blog about. They should be me for an hour; my life is one long blog post. I mean, who else could make a loaf of bread like this?Note the coin-shaped edge to the sticky-up bit where the dough has come up against the roof of the breadmaker. That's what happens when you buy a ready-mix packet. I thought, 'This sounds a nice and even simpler way of making a parmesan and sun-dried tomato loaf.' That'll learn me, as they say in this part of the world.

I don't think it's meant to have two inches of uncooked flour at the bottom either.
Let's hope my parsnip soup - invented by my own fair hand - is better.

(I can hear the bells of doom already ... anyone for fish and chips?)

The bread was quite tasty though its texture was a bit chewy and crumpet-like. The soup - slightly spicy - was declared a hit and Younger Son scraped the pressure cooker clean.


Leslie: said...

um...I'll pass on the parsnip soup, too, please. But I'm in for the fish 'n chips! :D

sally in norfolk said...

I have often thought about trying one of those packet mixes but maybe i will give them a miss.

Soup sounds good though :-) was it curried parsnip ??

katney said...

It's happened to me. I always mix up my dough a bit b efore putting it in the bread machine to prevent it. The recipe always says put dry and wet ingredients in according to the directions from your b read machine, but if you haven't seen the directions for a month of Sundays, then you don't know what that might be. And if you try one way and it doesn't work, then you would expect the opposite to work, right? It doesn't.

Liz said...

To be fair to the packet, I did put the flour in before the water - forgetting because I hadn't made any bread for so long (dieting you know) that it was supposed to be the other way around.
I would try again with a packet though. It was tasty.