Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A right stroppy cow

These are the apple cakes I made to take to Zac's last night.They didn't make it: they're still sitting on my kitchen worktop. Up until 7.30 I was going but then I just couldn't do it. I'd been in a funny mood all day and, if I'm honest, I probably had doubts about going earlier but I kept thinking, 'I'll enjoy it when I'm there.' And I would have but ...

I have absolutely no reason to be depressed so I think it was probably the combination of not taking my happy pill for a couple of days and putting on one pound in weight.

Now I know 1lb is nothing but it's what it says:
a) Look how easy it is to put on weight. Fat cells are like balloons and get easier to fill each consecutive time.
b) This isn't a diet; it's a life change.

I made two further mistakes.
1) I browsed through the recipes in a magazine. Every single one contained more calories than I am allowed in my lifestyle-changed eating regime. I love cooking; I love eating. I know I can adapt them to be lower fat and just not eat such big portions but the mood I was in, I wasn't going to consider something as sensible as that.
2) Disgusted with the recipes I picked up my writing magazine - and read about all the competitions I won't win and the publishers who'll reject me.

Oh, yes, I was a miserable moo.

Then I went into the kitchen where the not-slow-cooked meat in the oven was still as tough as horse hide. Aaaarrrggghhhh!

So I spent the evening cwtched on the sofa with Husband falling asleep in front of an old Midsomer Murders.

But today the sun is shining, I'm feeling dynamic and all is right with the world. And I've remembered to take my happy pill.


MissKris said...

What would we midlife mamas do without our Happy Pill? Tho mine is all organic, but even so it does the job. As to the weight loss/gain, it's a neverending battle, no matter which end of the spectrum we're at. I am DETERMINED not to give in to it yet! Got a 'new' to me exercise bike and I am just flying on that thing every morning now. Not only do I feel better physically but it clears my head like nothing else does, riding in the dark and quiet. And with Annie Lennox' "Diva" on the discman to listen to...well, there's nothing better! Glad to hear you're a little more chipper today, Liz! Hang in there.

Liz said...

We all need a little help at times, kris.

katney said...

I look forward to the sun shining tomorrow and my forgetting the tiff I've had with a friend over having been put in the middle in regards to the chairs.