Sunday, November 07, 2010

Moving and shaking

We've been in Devon this weekend helping Daughter and Son-in-law move from one end of the village to the other, and look what we found in one of the boxes! (It's a rubbish photo as my camera had been in the car all night and was cold and condensated but she looks so cute I couldn't resist it.)
Looking out from the back garden gate.

"Look, granddad, if I put this over my head mummy won't notice if you pack me in the suitcase and take me home."
"I'm coming with you too!"
The plan was that the television would be set up by 3 o'clock on Saturday afternoon so we could watch the Wales Australia rugby game. At 3.15 pm the search was still underway for a television cable. As a result I had to settle for cleaning kitchen cupboards while listening to the ... wait for it ... England All Blacks game on the radio. Greater love hath no mother ...

A cable was finally patched together and we could watch the last 20 minutes of the Wales game. It's quite depressing when the best the commentators can say about each of the rugby games (Ireland also played South Africa) this weekend is, 'It wasn't a bad loss for the home team.'

The southern hemisphere teams continue to show us how it's done and with the world cup coming up next year we need to learn some lessons pretty quickly.


Leslie: said...

Such cute shots! Love the dog in the back of the car...reminds me of the time our dog crawled way in the back of the trunk so she could hardly be seen, so afraid she was of being left behind (my parents were packing for a trip to Los Vegas). Just as my Dad went to close the trunk, the sun glinted off the dog's eyes and my Dad wondered what it was. Upon investigating, he realized that had he not seen that little glint, the dog would probably have died in that trunk! Whew! We loved her so much! She stayed behind with us kids and Grandma who babysat us. Close call.

Rose said...

If my grandchildren lived very far away from me, I'd be tempted to smuggle them home with me, too. I almost tried to take Daughter's little dog Coconut home with me last time, but he wouldn't fit in my carryon bag:)

Liz said...

That was fortunate, leslie!

We might well bring Holly Dog back with us sometimes but I think GrandDaughter might be harder to smuggle out, rose!