Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How not to lead a bible study

So, as I was saying, I led the bible study in Zac's last night. (God answered my prayer and Gerry was reasonably quiet throughout.)

We continued looking at Acts and it was okay. I had 'the boys' behind me to chip in when I got stuck and, afterwards, lots of people said I'd done well. But they're nice people so they would, wouldn't they? But I don't know.

Things I got wrong:
I didn't thank people for reading - and I'd given lots of people extra verses to read;
I had prepared but hadn't been over it enough times so didn't feel confident and my lack of confidence showed;
one of the verses I'd given out to be read was completely the wrong one so that threw me as I didn't have my notes with the right verse on it;
my praying was stuttery and hesitant.

As I said, it went okay, but I need to learn from my mistakes.

If you're pray-ers, please remember these people:
J, wife of a Zac's person, had an operation today to remove a brain tumour;
A, a Zaccer, who's had his leg amputated;
M, an ex-Zaccer, who's waiting to find out if he's been infected with HIV.


James Higham said...

Never a dull moment down your way, Liz.

Liz said...

Just one quiet moment would be quite nice, james!