Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't you ever feel the need to gallop?

'Not even when you were little?'
'I may have ridden my horse but then it was my horse that was galloping and not me.'

After a morning cleaning I needed some sea air so we took George to Pobbles. I was struggling to gallop to the top of a hill and I said, 'I bet real horses don't have this problem.'
'No,' said Husband, 'but they don't have to hold their trousers up while they're galloping.'
'True. And they don't have to waste vital breath clip-clopping.'

Sometimes you just have to gallop.

But I'll be glad when GrandDaughter is old enough to gallop with me then I won't look quite so foolish when we suddenly come across people. (Although I might have been galloping but they were digging up sods of soil so who was smarter?)
It wasn't as dark as it looks; that's just because I was taking the photo into the sunlight. If that makes sense.

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