Friday, November 26, 2010

Are you dead?

I am frightening myself.

How? I hear you ask.

I'm writing Christmas cards and it's not even December.

The trouble is that every year I get a recurring nightmare that it's Christmas Eve and I realise that I haven't sent any cards. Actually I'm not entirely sure that it isn't based on fact and that I did forget one year. But I can't remember.

So Husband said, 'Why don't you get them written and out of the way?'
So that's what I'm doing.

In a sort of half-hearted and disorganised way.

But what about all those people who didn't send me a card last year? Do I assume they're dead?

So I'm sitting here in Wales, writing cards made in China, with a picture of London on the front. I didn't realise it was London when I bought them or I wouldn't have. Not because I have anything against London - I love to visit - but because I should be sending a picture of Wales.

Which doesn't help with my dead dilemma.


Leslie: said...

speaking of which, I've lost your address (when my old computer crashed) - so pls email me. thx. I'm sending lovely pictures of a snowy scene and we usually have a green Christmas. ;)

nick said...

One day I'll get up the courage not to send any Christmas cards, and if anyone says they didn't get my card I'll just blame the Royal Mail. "Well, with 150 million Christmas cards I suppose they're bound to go astray sometimes."

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Aren't you good! I've done my usual. I've already bought them and now will put them to one side till December the 23rd ... or 24th ...

Liz said...

Will do, leslie.

You could point it out as a positive thing for the environment, nick.

My cards are half written and scattered all over the house, sonata, in little piles 'waiting for a present', 'waiting for a letter', 'waiting for an address' and so on. Save the compliments for when I finally post them!!