Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not a natural born shopper

Yesterday I went into town early before the hairdressers so I could look for boots and a new coat. I lost interest after about half an hour.

I've intended to buy boots for the last three years but couldn't be bothered to to go and try any on, so, yesterday, I made a special effort. I went into the shop and tried on 2 pairs. But wasn't convinced.

And now I'm thinking: do I really want boots anyway?

I also didn't get a coat but I have ordered one that I may like.

Meanwhile Husband went to Sainsburys on his own! I didn't even give him a shopping list. I said, 'You've been coming with me for long enough; you should know what to get by now. And you can plan dinner for the next few nights; I've done it for 32 years so it's your turn.'

He was a little bit anxious so I did write down a few things I knew we needed and then sent him off while I was in town. And he seems to have done all right. Except ... he got to the checkout and discovered he'd left his wallet at home.


jams o donnell said...

Ah I'm the one that gets to do the food shopping. The not wife gives me the money and I do the list..

That way I don;t come back with magic beans!

nick said...

So has Husband now got some delicious meals lined up for you?

Suburbia said...

Oh poor thing! You are right though, after that long it is definitely his turn! You were brave to send him nearly list less!

What's for tea?!