Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Husband had a deprived childhood

There was lots of veg left over after Sunday dinner - truth be told I did extra so there would be - so I had fry-up for lunch today. (I get weighed Tuesday morning so have a bit of a blow-out for the rest of the day.) Husband is on a health kick and is eating bran flakes for lunch so I had to, positively had to, eat it all myself. A huge plateful. Although I did leave the roast potatoes and some parsnip for George.

I had pickled onions with it. And as I was putting the just-opened jar away I noticed that it had a Best Before date of 2nd October 2010. Best before for pickled onions? Surely the point of pickling is so that you can keep them? Load of nonsense.

And now I've got 2 trays of brownies cooking. I thought I'd better make extra as Younger Son and Girlfriend are now home too. As we all know, bowl-licking is calorie-free but as I was squeezing my tongue around the curves of the ladle Husband said, 'My mum never let us scrape the bowl. She said it gave you worms.'

Bowl scraping is one of the treats of childhood. I've done it all my life and I've never had worms. I bet she just said that so she could keep it all for herself.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Worms ?? I remember sitting in an abandoned hen coop as a little girl , playing house with an even littler cousin . We were found chewing a couple of dusty raw potatoes .... pretend cake? . We were watched anxiously for worms for weeks afterwards and till our late adolescence for further signs of weirdness .

nick said...

I love bowl scraping, even if it's probably a minor OCD. As for best before dates - phooey, humbug. I once had some parmesan cheese with a best-before date two years previously. It was just fine.

Leslie: said...

I so agree with you - his Mom wanted it all for herself! LOL I'm a bowl licker and shortbread cookie dough nibbler myself!

Liz said...

I ate raw potato too, Sonata!

Some things get better as they mature, nick. Like you and me!

If I was very lucky my gran would leave a bit specially for me, leslie. I don't do that now for myself!

SDCrafts said...

About the only good thing we shared in our family was that baking day lick!