Friday, September 24, 2010

McGuin and McGuire just a getting higher

Tuesday at Zac's was different because instead of bible study we had a gig with Barry McGuire. He of
Eve of Destruction fame. Other fame as well but that is where I know him from.

He's 75 and he'd travelled 4 hours to get to the gig - and he was still jet-lagged from his flight over from Los Angeles - and yet he played and talked for over an hour and a half. As well as his Christian story he talked about the old days hanging out with The Byrds, The Mamas and the Papas, and so on. The title of this post comes from the chorus of Creeque Alley(I have no idea how you spell that), a Mamas and Papas song that basically tells their story.

It was a great evening with a good crowd, many of whom had travelled a long way to see the man. And I did a roaring trade in cds. It was a bit unintentional but I happened to be standing there next to the stall of cds and people started giving me money. So what could I do?

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CalumCarr said...

I hope you handed the money to Barry. :)