Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ibiza part 1

I'm in a very restless mood today and can't settle to the multitude of tasks I am supposed to be doing ... so I might as well blog. That's my logic anyway.

We stayed in a lovely hotel situated on a small headland on the west of the island.
The only option when we booked was to go half-board, which we'd never done before. The food was pretty good on the whole and there was SO much of it! Two of these huge counters filled with cold goodies plus the hot range.

These were a few of the sweets on offer. As they were there - and so nicely presented - I had to try some but only the first helping counted as part of my daily calorie allowance. I didn't count the second and third helpings as they were only little profiteroles ... and coconut cakes ... and crème caramels.
And anyway we walked each day to this little cove, Playa Niu Bleu, about ten minutes around the coast, where we swam in the very warm sea. And stretched out in the very hot sun. But I remembered to fidget and wriggle my toes a lot to ensure I kept my metabolic rate high and to use up lots of calories.

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