Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Another precious book rescued from the attic: The Story of Ferdinand, the bull who liked to sit under trees and smell the flowers.


nick said...

I love that book, I have a copy next door. Jenny is always saying I'm just like Ferdinand. Totally uninterested in any go-getting male stuff.

CherryPie said...

I have not heard of that story before.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I had forgotten about Ferdinand. Now I must find a copy!!
But, Liz, mostly I wanted to tell you I commented on the "Katney's Kaboodle" blog and said George is gorgeous, which I'm sure is not an original thing to say. Kathy said I should tell you.
So I watched the Harvey video (wonderful) and the George-as-a-puppy video, and George and the ducks. Our lovely strawberry-blonde Golden Retriever, Lindy, heard George barking at the ducks, and went to the window beside my computer to see if she could find him.
Lindy was a rescue dog. We've had her a year and a day now (birthday cake and presents yesterday) and I wish we'd had her as a pup. George was such a cute puppy, I think I'm jealous. Golden Retriever pups are so adorable. Sigh.
Alberta, Canada

Liz said...

Good for you, nick.

It's a lovely old one, cherrypie. First published in 1937.

Thanks for your visit, Kay!