Sunday, August 15, 2010

I was a very brave girl today

'Do you mind if my daughter watches? She wants to have hers done but wants to know if it hurts.'

I smiled reluctantly. 'Fine.' And inwardly cringed.

I was having my ears pierced - or rather re-pierced - and being watched was the last thing I wanted. It was bad enough sitting in the shop window. (The shop next door was advertising cheap piercings 'but not including genital or nipple piercing'; I really hope they don't do those in the shop window.)

But what do you know? It hardly hurt at all.

Now I have little gold balls in my ears. Except they're plated in something - rhodium or ridium or some such - and look like the little silver balls they used to put on cakes. I never understood why: you couldn't really eat them. Well, you could but they weren't very pleasurable. I'm just hoping my inner fattie doesn't wake up in the night and eat my earrings.


nick said...

Whenever I see a hoop earring, I'm always tempted to put my finger through it. No doubt a therapist could explain.

NitWit1 said...

I am one of very few, so few I may be rare, that does not have pierced ears.

When piercing became popular I was in a procession that had a phone glued to my ear most every day so why botther with one pieced ear?