Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you know how many calories there are in 28g of French stick?

Seventy-six. That's right: 76 calories. And do you know how big 28g of French bread is?

Not big enough to notice when you swallow it.

Oh, I have been yearning for French bread yesterday and today. I bought some for Husband to have with our barbecued meat (2 low-fat sausages for me, 2 low-fat sausages plus a bacon steak for him). But I resisted. Are you proud of me? (Except one mouthful I begged from him tonight. With thick butter.)

It's weigh-day tomorrow. I think my eating this last week has been a bit erratic. Some days I had cakes and treats; other days I didn't eat enough calories. So we shall see.

I think it's possible that dieting has affected my brain.

I'd been in the bath for 10 minutes before I realised that the reason the bath bomb wasn't fizzing and dissolving wasn't that it was out-of-date and useless but rather that I'd forgotten to remove the plastic coating.

Can I blame that on dieting, do you think? Or low blood pressure? There must be a reason: I'm normally so on the ball.

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