Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bye bye hounds

As I no longer visit any of the Bloghounds or Blogpower sites - except friends and those I have links to - I've finally removed them from my sidebar. It didn't seem fair to keep them there as I wasn't playing my part as an active member.

I enjoyed being involved with both groups and appreciated the work put in by the administrators but these days I don't have time to visit even my favourite sites as much as I'd like so those I felt I should visit out of duty fell along the wayside.

I suppose I should revamp my blog one day. I've used the same template since the very beginning. But I'm scared in case anything goes wrong and I lose it all, and, anyway, it suits me as it is. Simple, like me.


jams o donnell said...

I did likewise a while ago myself Liz. If I wasn't off work a while recovering form more surgery I would be hard pushed to visit even my favourite bloggers!

NitWit1 said...

We have something called friends with blogger--have no idea what it means. I've joined a few, but they all are on my blog list. If there is any advantage to the friends thing, I'm not sure unless it is to collect numbers.

I suppose I am essentially like you, read what I like when I want and have the time.

katney said...

I have a private test blog on which I play around with templates, test stuff, and try out new tools and techniques.Sometimes it looks pretty weird. If you test out a new template on a private blog, you can see how youlike it before applying it to the real thing.

The fact is, though there are the new templates and lots of possibilities in getting a look you like, you can always do a template backup before making changes. Then, if you don't like what you've done, you bring the original back.

But really, Liz, I would be quite startled if I came here and did not see your dots and waving Welsh flag. I'd get over it fairly quickly, but I would be startled.

I visit who I visit. Sometimes I don't get around at all. There are blogs on my following list I haven't seen for ages, but I know where they are when I have extra time. I keep some bookmarked. I visit you every Monday from my "blogs to visit Monday" bookmark. I come by on other days, too, but this way I always get to my favorites at least once a week, with half a dozen or so bookmarked for each day.

Leslie: said...

I have no idea how to delete the blogs that I signed up to "follow." I don't have time to visit them all these days but they remain on my list. that is until someone can help me to delete them.

sally in norfolk said...

I really need to sort my blog reading list out too as like most people I just dont have time to visit them all so stick to my favorite ones