Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paranoid about a spider? Me?

Have I told you about Spid? Who lives just down the plughole in our bedroom sink?

Spid, as his name suggests, is a jolly little - well, largish really - spider and every morning and evening he used to come out of the plughole and we'd have friendly chats. Admittedly I did most of the talking but I think he appreciated it.

Well, when we went on holiday I told Younger Son to pop in now and again to say hello and I don't know if he did but when we got back there was no sign of Spid. I waited anxiously for a few days, calling him and making coochy coochy come here noises, but I had to resign myself to the fact that he'd died.

I felt guilty. Had he starved to death? Had I mistaken his pleas for food for idle chit chat?

I consulted Gareth, our Zac's spider expert. He told me not to worry: spiders often fast for 6 months or more. (Seriously? I mean, what is the point of living if you can't eat?) He suggested that Spid could have been Spidee as females often die after giving birth. 'There could be a spider egg in your drainpipe even now, containing up to a thousand babies,' he reassured (?) me.

But then yesterday morning, looking for signs of a nursery, pink paint and fluffy teddies, I spotted two familiar legs. 'Spid! Is it you?' I cried.
Spid didn't answer. 'Are you hungry?' I continued.
I rushed to the bathroom where I knew there was a dead fly - yes, the bathroom was in desperate need of cleaning - gathered it up and dropped it just next to the plughole. Quick as a flash, out leapt Spid!


But he must have realised that he'd looked too needy because we when we got home last night the fly had been rejected and was on the far side of the sink. And Spid's gone back to sulking because we didn't take him on holiday with us.


Gledwood said...

Don't spiders suck the life quite literally out of prey in their own charming manner, drinking it's juice the way we slurp a lovely McDonalds chocolate on top banana at the bottom (you have to chat up staff to get this) milkshake?

I mean: I was thinking, maybe the fly was a little old and dry...

Gledwood said...

The milkshake is called a chocolate-banana swirl. But you have to save the best till last (hence chocolate on top, because of the straw

Chocolate-vanilla is also nice :-)...

Rose said...

I'm not afraid of spiders, as my son is, but I don't know that I would go so far as to make friends with one:) Somehow the thought of a thousand little babies in your drainpipe sends shivers down my spine.

Catching up on all your posts tonight, I just noticed your weight loss--fantastic! I'd love to know your secret--I want to lose 30 pounds before Daughter's wedding next May, so I don't look like a frumpy mother of the bride. Just don't tell me I have to give up chocolate...

Leslie: said...

Oh Liz! You absolutely slay me! I just hope Spid doesn't decide to get into bed with you one night and give you a bite! I've a spider bite on my arm right now and I'll tell you, it's not a pretty sight and it's itchy and sore and...well, I could go on, but you get the idea. lol