Friday, June 04, 2010

Our Kefalonian holiday

Me in front of Antisamos Bay, one of the prettiest we saw. In spite of the graffiti.
Not the white sand that you may have expected from the first photo though but small pebbles. Most of the bays we visited were the same.
Much of the film of Captain Corelli's Mandolin was shot in Sami. This boat was in the little marina there. But probably not in the film. Although it might have been.
Looking down on Mirtos Bay, one of the most photographed locations in the Greek islands, partly for its beauty - now spoiled slightly by rows of sun loungers - and partly because of the film again.
Many of the island's buildings were destroyed by a large earthquake in 1953. As a result there are very few genuinely old houses on the island and those that do exist look like these in the little village of Assos.
We did find one beach, Katelios, that had sand and I was able to make my now traditional sand mermaid.
We went to Kefalonia for a wedding. Here the bride and groom feed each other honey, an old tradition, symbolising a sweet life ahead.
The owners of this house had a strange taste in exterior design. Yes, those are tin cans and empty crisp packets stuck in the fencing.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Looks a super holiday ..cute couple too :-)

As with the house, why be the same as everyone else, strange idea with cans, but fun !!

Gledwood said...

What horrible photos Liz. Looks like you had a dreadful time out there. I'm glad I didn't go ;->...

Were the owners of that technicolour tincan house Greek?
Something tells me they might well be Brits or Americans!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Delightful photos, Liz. The sea, the sky, the sand -- wonderful. Oh! And the wedding, of course!


Furtheron said...

picture of the boat is brilliant

Leslie: said...

Looks lovely! The photo of the boat and its reflection is gorgeous! And is that husband in the water behind your mermaid?

Liz said...

It was certainly a colourful house, anne!

Don't know, gledwood. No, I think they'd have been Greek.

THank you, nick.

Thanks, furtheron.

It is, yes, leslie.

Gledwood said...

Pebbly beaches are good.

They get rid of other tourists!!

Surely in the great scheme of things rocks turn to pebbles... which eventually turn to sand... right?

So in 10,000 years or so that beach will indeed be sandy. It is a geological mystery to me how beaches are formed/etc etc blah blah... also did you know a lot of that platinum sand you see in the tropics is said to be not stones but old sea-shells?

(So I hear...)

Seeker said...

How lovely to find Kef unexpectedly on a blog. I hope Katelios wasn't the only sandy beach you visited - there are lots of others spread around!

Trubes said...

I reckon you have every right to be 'sniffy' about beaches Liz, being that you live almost on top of Roselli beach!
I've been to a couple of Greek islands but, find their waste disposal systems much to be desired...You may arrive at a beutiful spot,to find the surrounding hill sides are littered with tissues, even wrapped around trees. Awful!
I suspect this is caused by bags of used toilet tissues, just being dumped in the Countryside, instead of being dealt with by the local authorities.
Judging by your pics there are some lovely places to visit in Greece but my heart belongs to Turkey!
Welcome home.