Monday, May 10, 2010

A stupid thing to say

For the last week I was on the Special K kick-start-your-diet diet. This involves eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch and having a normal dinner. In two weeks you're supposed to be down a dress size.

In one week I gained 3lbs.

In my disgust I got all enthusiastic about finding a new diet and said I was going to enrol for a Rosemary Conley class on Tuesday. No, wait, my real mistake was telling Janet I was going to enrol.

Today she asked me if I was still going and said she'd see me there. 'We can have a contest!'

I fear this is one contest I am destined to lose. Even when I really stick seriously to diets I never lose more than 1lb a week and it just drops off Janet. Phrw, can you hear me sighing?

But to get back to Special K.

In Sainsburys on Saturday I was browsing through cereals. I used to buy Frosties for Younger Son but he was feeling righteous and decided he'd have Special K instead. (However I noticed this morning that he put 2 heaped teaspoonfuls of sugar on his low-fat cereal!) Then I remembered our lodger who isn't dieting and would probably prefer something other than cardboard for breakfast so I thought I'd see what the options were.

I picked up the Rice Krispies box. Thanks to the handy little guide on the front I discovered that although Rice Krispies have 1 more calorie per 30g serving than Special K, they have less sugar and fat! Furthermore Bran Flakes have fewer calories than either!

That's marketing for you.

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Have you never noticed before the little handy guides.

I found the exact same thing with Special K... far too much sugar .. I have porridge or muesli.. or Granola with fruit and natural yoghurt..