Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A really good day?

'I don't want to get up today,' I grumbled, snuggling deeper down under the quilt.
'Think of it as the first day of the new slimmer you,' Husband suggested.
'Or I could think of it as the first day of the chocolate-deprived me,' I moaned.

It was going to be a good day.

First I was joining a Rosemary Conley slimming and exercise class and then I was going to the dentist.

It was going to be a really good day.

As it turned out it wasn't that bad.

The exercise class was fun and easy compared to circuit training (although it did involve 30 minutes of aerobic activity, which we don't do in circuits). And the motivational chat beforehand was ... motivational. I came away feeling inspired and thinking, 'I can do this!'

That feeling lasted all of 20 minutes.

Never mind it'll be fine. I CAN do this; I WILL do this.

And the visit to the dentist was over in about 2 minutes. Everything's fine, although she did suggest if I'm getting trouble with sensitive gums, which I am, she could do a filling to cover the exposed bits. She said, 'Think about it.'

I've thought: I'll leave it as long as possible.

The tender bit is on my lower gum on the right. Last time I had a filling there, I had my mouth open for so long, it rebelled and wouldn't open properly again for months. I couldn't eat Ferrero Rocher chocolates at Christmas because I couldn't open my mouth wide enough; that's how bad it was.

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