Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Clyne Gardens in the spring

We went for a wander around Clyne Gardens yesterday. It's renowned for its collection of azaleas and rhododendrons and during May is in bloom. It was only just beginning to bloom yesterday but there were still some lovely sights.

Like this lime tree surrounded by wild garlic.
And the bed of heathers with the view over the bay.
We had no idea what this is: any suggestions?
There were a couple of little ducklings making a quick getaway on this pond. I didn't try to go any closer as I didn't want George to frighten them. (Also there was a 'proper' photographer with a great big lens and a tripod on t'other side of lake and I didn't want to look like the amateur I am.)
These bog plants are really pongy!


Gledwood said...

The white flower reminds me of the paper poppies they give out for Remembrance Sunday... Surely it's not a type of white poppy, is it? Poppies don't really hold themselves open like that, except when they're made of paper for buttonhole wear...

That pongy bog plant you showed ~ I thought it was a lily and was going to say how I love 'em!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Beautiful photos! I must get outside this afternoon and enjoy nature. Thanks for the photos as a reminder.

CherryPie said...

Beautiful :-)

katney said...

Your bog plant looks like a skunk cabbage. Ours are bright yellow. I posted one here last week.The leaves get really huge once the flowers fade.

The other kind of looks like wild dogwood. Does it grow on a tree?

Leslie: said...

I agree with Katney that your bog plant looks like our skunk cabbage. But the white flower looks to me like dogwood, BC's provincial tree. Was it on a tree or on a bush?

Liz said...

I don't think it was, gledwood.

Thanks, nick and cherrypie.

There were yellow and white ones, katney. It was a sort of bushy tree or tree-y bush.

A small tree, maybe, leslie, or a tree-like bush.

katney said...

Liz, have a look at this and tell me if you don't think it's the same as your white one or at lease a near relative. Or you can see it in my pslam today. They are blooming in the mountains again now, and the domesticated ones are all over town in both pink and white, though a bit bedraggled now after the winds we had last week.