Monday, March 08, 2010

Lenten thanks 20

I am grateful for my son-in-law.

He and Daughter have been together for about 12 years now, and married for 7 of those. He is devoted to Daughter and shows it. He is a hard worker who's doing well in his career, and he loves his own daughter to bits. He's a very hands-on dad and does his fair share of changing pooey nappies as well as cuddling.

He's very athletic and a keen cyclist. Back in 2008, on a wet and miserable day, he took part in L'Etape (the amateur stage of Le Tour de France). We went to France with them and the first sunny day after the event we drove along the same route, up, up, up, into the mountains to the Col de Tourmalet, so Son-in-law - and we - could see where he'd cycled and just what he'd achieved. Up in the clouds, we were impressed.

Son-in-law is willing to learn and open to advice - especially from his father-in-law about whisky and DIY! That's the only problem really: he's picking up his father-in-law's sense of humour. They say daughters choose men who are like their fathers ...


Lia said...

I bet he is blushing right now at this post.
He sounds like a wonderful son-in-law.
Does he have a younger brother I could introduce to my daughter. I so don't want her picking one any thing like her father.......oh! too late she already did!!!!

Much love

Leslie: said...

It's good to be able to say you like/love and respect your SIL.

Trubes said...

What a lovely tribute to your son-in-law, Anne.
I'm sure he must hold the same esteem for you and Hubby too.

I have three lovely sons'-in-law too: They are great fun and wonderful Fathers' to our Grandchildren.
Therefore, I would like to join you in 'Lenten thanks' for 'Son's-in-law.
Bless them.


nick said...

Good to know you get on so well with your son in law, and good to know he's a genuinely hands-on dad! I imagine his sense of humour gets him through the yukky bits....

CherryPie said...

That's lovely :-)