Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm a tree hugger

I was tree hugging today.

Husband told me that he'd heard that an average adult arm span (from fingertip to fingertip stretched out I mean) could surround a tree that's 75 years old. So I had to hug a tree, didn't I?

The biggest/oldest one we could find must have been about 150 years old. Which means it would have seen all the industry that used to be in the woods: the coal mining, brick making and arsenic ... um ... factory. It's all gone now leaving a beautiful valley that nature has reclaimed.

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nick said...

I once had a girlfriend who was an obsessive tree hugger. She found it hard to pass a tree without hugging it enthusiastically. A bit embarrassing for moi.

Until recently there was a magnificent 50 foot monkey puzzle tree in a neighbour's garden but they had to chop it down for safety reasons. A great shame.