Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Call me shallow ...

but it's hard to focus on a bible study when the lad sitting next to you is scratching all evening.

It was very full again in Zac's last night. We're regularly getting 30 people - in a room that's made for 29. And it was a little chaotic. Several were under the influence - one young man said he'd dropped acid (is that the right terminology?) before he'd come in and Jerry, after several weeks of being what is sober for him, was ... not quite so.

And Ruby, well, Ruby was not quite herself, and was very enthusiastic with her hugging. Nigel bore the brunt ... I mean, came in for particular attention, while Ric and Martin both left early to avoid it. (Yeah, yeah, they said they had excuses but we know the truth.)

But the fact that so many people come either regularly or occasionally, that, on the whole, they sit quietly, participate openly and honestly, and are polite, seems to suggest a great need, not just of the place, the evening, the coffee, but of something much more. We'd say it's God although they may not recognise that.

But when they find respect and acceptance in Zac's, it's the spirit of God inspiring it.

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Furtheron said...

I think it's an amazing testament that you get that many turn up. You must be doing something right.

What are these people looking for? Now there is a deeper question... a deeper one indeed.