Friday, February 19, 2010

A woman's mind

I was in work and getting colder and colder - until I finally realised that the heating, which was supposed to be on, had gone off. We have a temperamental boiler and it occasionally trips its switch for no apparent reason. The remedy is to go and flip it back but how or why that works I have no idea. I am a girl.

And a girl who wanted to go to the toilet but the cold had chilled me down to my bones, so, instead of going to the Ladies' as normal, I went to the Disabled Toilet. There, if you're flexible, you can sit on the toilet seat and swing your legs about thus setting off the hand-dryer and have hot air blown at you.

The wonders of the female mind.

Unlike the wonders of the mind of a photocopier.

I had a big fight with it today and must have wasted umpteen sheets of A3 paper. I had to give up in the end. How hard can it be, you say, to enlarge an A4 sheet to A3 size? Very is the answer.

When we first had it I had a big argument with Alun about how to do double-sided photocopying. If you had 2 sheets and you wanted them printed back to back on 1 sheet, and there was an option which said '2 to 1', then wouldn't you think that was the option to go for?

Yes, ladies, precisely.

It's not. No, you have to take the '1 to 2' option. 'That's logical,' Alun said.

To a man maybe. Not to anyone with any sense. So now Alun no longer works with me and I need a man who can think like a photocopier to help me enlarge my home-made calendar. Honestly, it would have been quicker for me to draw it on paper.


Gledwood said...

Surely you have to be careful how long you let that airdryer go off on you "below stairs"... otherwise you might get "intimate chapping"..?!?


Jay said...

I shall never use a disabled toilet again without thinking of you. ROFL!

The photocopier ..well, some people can't get to grips with programming a DVD or Sky box, some can't do photocopying. I'm with you. Photocopiers are evil and they make me feel stupid. Clearly they were designed by a man. Grr.

Leslie: said...

And sometimes the pages have to be upside down to each other to end up rightside up after photocopying! *ERG*

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Definitely the 2 to 1 is logical! Love your solution to being cold in the loo.