Thursday, February 04, 2010


On Tuesday night a friend said to me, 'I've got PMT already.'
'Tell me about it!'

The Six Nations rugby tournament starts on Saturday and throughout Wales thousands are suffering pre-match tension.

Of course, each team wants to win their first game but Wales take on England, the old enemy, at Twickenham, England's home ground. Oh my, oh my, oh my. It's the game that means more than any other. Victory and the rest of the tournament can be faced with equanimity; defeat - defeat is unthinkable.

Each of the last 3 years I've joined a fantasy rugby league. (You choose your players then depending on how the team does, you get points. You're allowed a maximum of 4 players from any one country and you're allowed to make substitutions in between games.)

I have a very scientific way of choosing my players:
a) do I recognise the name?
b) is he good-looking?
Add to that the fact that I have been known to choose players who aren't even playing and it explains why, in a league of several thousands, I usually end up in 2,745th position, give or take a few hundred.

But this time I'm really trying hard. I checked the matches out and decided which I thought would be the winning teams this weekend - Wales, Ireland and France - and have chosen the majority of my players from these teams. But that only gives me 12 players and I need 15.

My head tells me to put in some English players - Wales' record at Twickers isn't good - but my heart says that is disloyal, that by acknowledging the very possibility of an English win, I'm allowing it to happen.

Husband has entered 3 teams and has drawn up a very complicated system of odds and options, giving him a good chance of doing well in the league. He doesn't allow sentiment or national pride to get in the way.

But I'm Welsh; it matters to me.

P.S. Ladies, I'm going to look for some photos now ...


Furtheron said...

I don't know what you are worried about... given the quality of the Welsh side at the moment and the woeful ability of the English over the last goodness knows how many seasons... well since Johnny won us the world cup basically we've been rubbish.

I predict Wales to win but at least a 10 point margin. And honestly that is with my hopeful English through and through hat on. Unless there is a God and he proves he is English as I was told at Sunday school.

Devonshire Dumpling said...

I'll be sitting watching the rugby (which I love) singing Le Marseillaise badly, and proudly wearing my FRENCH rugby shirt! No prizes for guessing who I support.

My best friend (ex womens Devon and Cornwall rugby captain) stupidly supports England, so when either team are playing our mobile phones go into meltdown with attachments containing the music to both national anthems everytime there's a score.

Liz said...

I support the Ospreys, furtheron, and, on paper, they should beat everyone; in reality they're as erratic as the French. And it's just the English thing.

Enjoy the game, DD!

Devonshire Dumpling said...

Enjoy the game, DD!.....

I certainly will! I have John Smiths to drink and a load of toilet rolls to hurl at the TV. I'm currently armed and dangerous.

jay said...

I'm sorry, I know nothing about Rugby. MIL used to love it, but since she's gone, I have forgotten all she ever told me.

I do love American Football though (I know, I know, 'rugby for cissies' ... I've heard it all! LOL!) and the Superbowl is this weekend!! Go COLTS!!

CalumCarr said...

Let's hope Pre-Match Tension doesn't become Post-Match Trauma

His Girl Friday said...


Well, Put me down for Rob Kearney, and Euan Murray...
And a cheer for the underdog, Scotland, but here here for a back to back Irish Grand Slam..:DD