Wednesday, February 17, 2010


At about 6 last night my phone rang. My mobile ringing always gives me a fright as I have a manic child crying as my ringtone, and then once that starts, and I've realised it is my phone, I have to go on a phone-hunt. It's a good job very few people call me on it. In fact nobody calls me on the landline either... aaaah ... just call me Lizzy-no-mates.

But back to the story.

'Hello,' I said, when I'd found it.
'Pancakes,' the voice on the other end breathed.
'It's Shrove Tuesday. I just wanted to make sure you'd remembered.'

It was Steve who comes to Zac's.

'I've made muffins for tonight but I'm bringing just a few pancakes.'
'Ah, good.'
'They'll be under the counter in a brown paper bag. Just wink at Di and she'll sneak you one.'

Honestly, they're putting in requests now.


jams o donnell said...

ancakes in a plain brown envelope.... the mind boggles!

CherryPie said...

That does sound like rather a strange thing to have in a brown paper bag under the counter...

Lia said...

Are you a secret pancake maker!!!

I worry about you sometimes!!!

much love

jay said...

Ha! That's funny! LOL!

No-one calls me on my mobile either. Probably because I never have it with me ...

sally in norfolk said...

no one calls me or visits me.... unless they want something of course but then its usually only the boys :-(

Lee said...

Now I'm hungry! And I was doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Those pancakes sound like dodgy contraband. I would steer well clear!

Suburbia said...

Sounds like some dodgy under-the-counter deal!!

Thanks for your offer, it would be lovely to see you again sometime :)

Liz said...

First of all my phone is a laughing child not crying! That would be cruel!

Just for special people, jams!

It could be worse, cherrypie.

Only sometimes lia?!

Nor me, jay.

Precisely, sally.

I won't tell you about the rhubarb and apple crumble I made then, lee.

Quite harmless really, hulla!

Just say when, sub!

Furtheron said...

what the heck do you put in them? Are these "special" ones *wink *wink

James Higham said...

Liz, have you considered altering the ringtone?

Gledwood said...

i 4got the pancakes on jif lemon day ..