Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh George!

We'd just gone past the muddy pond - where I am certain all life began - and halfway up the steps when I spotted a stick. George by this time was at the top so I stopped, picked it up, turned and threw it back down towards the pond.

I waited expectantly for George to come thundering past me.

And waited.

I looked around and he was sitting staring down at me. Giving him the benefit of the doubt in case he may not have seen me throwing it, I said politely, 'Go and fetch the stick.'
He looked back at me.
'Go and fetch the stick!' (A little less politely.)
He continued to stare at me disdainfully.
'You're a dog! More than that you're a retriever! Go and fetch the stupid stick!' (Definitely not politely.)

George shrugged, turned and went on his own way.

I despair of my dog sometimes.

Further on we met Leonberger (his breed not his name). He is still a puppy and already at least twice George's bulk and what does George do every time they meet?

Tries to hump him.

Leonberger sits through it calmly, glancing back occasionally, wondering what this midget is doing dangling from his back.

I really despair of my dog sometimes.

P.S. Spellchecker picked up Leonberger as a misspelled word; it suggested what I meant to say was Aberconwy. It's obviously one of those days.


Furtheron said...

Aberconwy! Spellcheckers - I had a boss a Mr Knox everytime I spell checked it would come up as Knob. No comment.

His boss was Turkish and his name spellchecked to Hurry-up Asap... which was too close to reality - the management team at that time had a poncy name from Greek Mythology which had seomthing to do with the first gulf war I think (don't ask - corporate nonsense) that spellchecked to Heroes - and I was then convinced they doctored the dictionary

Liz said...

It's like word verifiers: I often think there is someone 'up there' reading the post and coming up with an appropriate word1

Rose said...

I'm still trying to figure out Leonberger and Aberconwy:) (My spellchecker is underlining them both.)

Obviously, George just likes to be friendly with everyone.

Left you a comment on your kitchen post--wow, what a transformation! Makes me want to go at my kitchen now with a sledgehammer.

James Higham said...

Confessions of a dog owner.

Gledwood said...


Gledwood said...

the exclamation mark was for George

Leslie: said...

Well, the word verifier right now is leastal...

So I guess the least of all your worries is that George won't get puppies from Leonberger OR Aberconwy!

I get such a kick out of George's "adventures!" lol

Gledwood said...


Gledwood said...

ps it is still me, even though no rodent face: I'm just on a public computer and too scared to sign in...

Lia said...

I think it's time for you to write a book about your adventures with George.
He so very smart and so completely smart at the same time, he'd be a huge hit.
My mother use to say that dogs reflected their owners, no hope for you then my dear, sorry.
Also for this reason I don't have a dog, poor thing wouldn't stand a chance with me as it's owner.
Much love

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

George is just asserting his individuality. You wouldn't want a boring dog, would you?

Thanks for the lovely card, Liz - and thanks to hubby and George too! xx