Saturday, February 13, 2010

Men in kilts

The good thing about the weekend when Wales plays Scotland in Cardiff is that we always get some Scottish supporters staying in Swansea. Men in kilts, mmmmmm.

I was driving to Sainsbury's this morning and a gang of them crossed the road in front of me. I turned into the female equivalent of Benny Hill. 'Phwoar!' It's very strange how what I would normally consider an unattractive man becomes sexy as soon as he's in a kilt.

Then I was so stressed after the game (Wales won) that I had to bake some of Nigella's white chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookies to calm myself down.

It did seem a bit unfair as Scotland played so well and Wales were so rubbish until the last ten minutes when there must have been pacemakers crashing all over Wales.

But I have to say that France looked to be in an altogether different league. The only good thing is that they have a tendency to be erratic: they can play five out of six games brilliantly but go to pieces in one. We'll just have to hope they throw their wobbly in the Wales game.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Kilts remind me of Andy Stewart . So not really "Phwoar" , no .

CalumCarr said...

Have never worn a kilt!

Was there a rugby match on?

James Higham said...

Bit chilly for kilts, Liz.

Furtheron said...

I'm not going to mention the debacle in Rome! Italy frankly can consider themselves really unlucky we did just about everything we could to throw the game to them! Useless frankly!

Liz said...

Oh dear, that's a shame, S&S!

I'm surprised at you, Calum!

Not for a hardy Scotsman, james.

It's been a really weird start to the Six nations, furtheron.

katney said...

So how is it that a delightful post about men in kilts turns into a post about rugby?

Ah, well.

Maybe I will see some of those lovely kilts as we hope to go hiking in the Northwest Highlands this summer. I somehow doubt that I will convince my dear mostly Scottish hubby to get himself a kilt. the furthest he has ever gone with his tartan is a necktie.