Saturday, February 13, 2010

The door is still open

Minni Car is a Welsh mam by nature. She thinks she always knows what's best for you and isn't backward in coming forward to tell you. She'll tell you what day it is, what the weather's like, and what song is playing. She warns you when it's very cold or when she thinks you might forget to get petrol. She also reminds you to put on your seat belt and won't let you leave the house without a clean hankie.

So the other night, after circuit training, when we got in her and her display said, Door is still open, we didn't argue with her. Husband said to me, 'You can't have closed your door properly.'
'Yes, I have,' I said, but I opened and closed it again anyway.
The display still said, Door is still open.
'It must be your door.'
'No,' Husband said, 'it's not,' but he opened and closed it again just in case. And still Minni was insisting that there was a door open.

Husband was just about to get out and check the back doors when Dean Martin started crooning, 'And the door is still open to my heart.'


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Now laughing too much to comment at all .

Leslie: said...

cheeky! lol

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hahahaha...your Minni Car is quite a prophesier (if there's such a word, if not, there is now). I think that's a funny coincidence.

Istvanski said...

Just catching up here...I love your new kitchen, may I ask who supplied it? Mine's on its last legs that's why I'm asking. The colour scheme you chose is superb.

Lee said...

What a world we live in today! Objects telling us what to do!

So that's where Dean Martin disappeared to when "he left the building"!

Furtheron said...

Now that make me chuckle.

Reminds me of an incident at work some years back. My boss and I were going from one building to another and we have doors that you have to put your pass in to open. These had two lights - red and green. The red went out as it read your card and the green came on when the door was open and you could push it.

Red light goes out - no green. I try again. Hmm same thing. My boss tries his card - same thing.

So here are two guys from the IT dept looking at this thing ... I say to him "It is reading it and must be going to talk to the server but not getting a signal back". "Yes - I'll have to report it"...

Just then the guy behind us just pushes past and puts his card in - red light off, no green on. He pushes the door open and turns to us. "The green light hasn't worked in weeks". We looked so so stupid!

Liz said...

WE laughed too, S&S. Then husband claimed that he knew all along! Yeah, right.

Hi Leslie.

It was quite a coincidence, puss.

B&Q, istvanski. the cooke & Lewis range.

My kitchen can be a nightmare with all the beeps going off, lee!

that's IT people for you, furtheron!

katney said...

A friend whose husband is a mechanic had a car which announced in s sultry feminine voice: "Your door is ajar. Your door is ajar." the biggest problem being that, jsut as the shoemaker's children are barefoot, the car would say this whether the door was ajar or not as her hubby did not get around to fixing it.

So one day she picked up her niece from school and the car repeated "The door is ajar. The door is ajar. The door is ajar." ad nauseum. The little girl looked at her aunt and declared. "But Aunt Linda, the car is so wrong. The door is not a jar, it is a door."