Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's hear it for curvy ladies!

Father-in-law buys the Sunday Times so last weekend I was able to read the story in Style magazine (see photo) about how curvaceous ladies are finding themselves acceptable again, even being used on billboards in New York.

And about time too say some of us.

It's long been said that men, on the whole, prefer women with a bit of flesh on them - as long as it's in the right places. And I'm pleased to say that mine is. There's a bit more in those places than I'd like ideally but still I have the curves and I know how to flaunt them!

However - and even though people laugh when I say this, it's true - I'm not the right shape for jogging. Or exercising generally if it comes to that.

A few weeks ago you may recall I mentioned the catastrophe with my exercise bra. In an economy drive - new kitchen, new car and Christmas have taken their toll - I chose to go to M&S for a new exercise bra rather than Madame Fifi. Oh but I am regretting it.

It may only have cost £14 but it clamps my boobs together, leaving me with a sweaty, itchy, spotty cleavage. Now doesn't that sound attractive?

I'm thinking about trying Bravissimo, as mentioned in the article, but buying without trying on is a bit risky, even if it can be returned. Does anyone have any experience of Bravissimo?

Meantime, ladies, if you've got it, flaunt it!


Gledwood said...

That Marks and Spencers bra sounds more like like an instrument of mediaeval torture!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I have no problems with Bravissimo at all...been using them for 4 years here in Oxford, but I don't order I go to the shop. There is one in Cardiff.

Leslie: said...

Here Here!

(get it?)lol

Lia said...

It's about time the curvy girls got some attention. Like you said there are a lot of men who love curvy women.
Bravissimo are very good and excellent for us ladies with more than ample boos and they do a sports bra, at lest they did in last years collection or it might have been the year before.
I order on line and have never had to send any back.
Much love

Furtheron said...

I have no experience of Bravissimo.... obviously.

However I do vote for curvy women, I've never understood this media obsession with stick insects on legs.

The Merry said...

Whenever I ask about large-size sports bras, people always recommend the Enell bra.

Istvanski said...

As the late, great Frank Zappa once remarked:
"who'd want to ride an ironing board?" or something along those lines...

Look, don't judge me by my crude comments, m'kay?

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