Monday, January 04, 2010

A Carry-On moment

So, I am getting ready for first week back at circuit training after 6 weeks absence (new GrandBaby and Christmas) and I have to dig out my exercise bra and shorts. Things are looking good: I can still get into my shorts! But then I remember two of the three hook-and-eyes on my exercise bra have given up the fight and disappeared - but that's okay: I saw out last year without them.

I put on my bra, stand up straight and PING!!! The strain on the remaining fastener is just too great and it drops to the floor with a defeated sigh, thus releasing my most precious assets that spring free - BOINNNG - with a perkiness they've long since forgotten they ever possessed. And soon regretted.

I fear a visit to Madame Fifi, undergarment specialist, is called for.

(And circuit training was most unpleasant as I felt I couldn't hold my arms across my chest without drawing attention to the problem.)


CalumCarr said...

You've reminded me. I'd better buy an exercise bra before I start any exercise!!!!

Leslie: said...

You just crack me up! LOL

CherryPie said...

The boing perkiness always feels so much for comfortable though doesn't it ;-)

lakeviewer said...

I came in from Fat frumpy and fifty. This is so funny!

Lia said...

Oh Liz, you are so funny.
I can just imagine you running round with your arms crossed, with a look on your face like a kid who has to do P.E. in their vest and pants, again!!!
I hope you get fixed up by Madame in time for the next class.
Much love

Puss-in-Boots said...

Age and gravity have a lot to answer to, don't they? I love discarding my bra (when I can be sure no one will come to the door).

Good luck with Madam Fifi.

jay said...

Funny! I'm not going to fit into my exercise garments either, at this rate. Time to grease up that treadmill!

Anonymous said...
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Trubes said...

Ha ha! That is so funny Liz,
We have a Madam Fifi at our local shops, I've never been in there, but I can't help noticing, when passing, local chaps gazing in the windows!
Even DT does an 'eyes right' when we drive past...
What is it about men and ladies undies?


Furtheron said...

@ Trubes... "What is it about men and ladies undies?" Blimey... where to start? ;-)

Liz said...

Madame Fifi is very discreet, calum!

THanks, leslie.

Inded, cherrypie.

Glad you enjoyed, lakeviewer, and welcome.

Lia, you remind me: I must get myself organised - oh flip, i have circuits again tomorrow!

It's a lovely feeling, puss, when you're not jogging round a room!

Get treading, jay!

Maybe it's because I'm a larger lady, trubes, I find the right measuring and fitting is so good in a proper shop.

It could be your next post, furtheron: men and ladies' underwear!

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