Sunday, January 17, 2010

And this afternoon ...

I've had an exciting afternoon doing my accounts ready for my accountant i.e. Husband, to submit my tax thingy online.

It doesn't take that long to do my accounts ...

Whoops, got distracted. Remembered I had to order tickets for the Wales versus Italy Six Nations game in March, and for the crunch game between the Ospreys and Leicester Tigers (boo, hiss) next Saturday. And I suspect it will be a crunching game too. Better be worth all the money I've just paid out.

Oh, and do you know what I found in with my pay slips, bank statements and stuff?
A Wispa bar!
I don't know how long it's been there - or even what it was doing there - emergency rations probably - but it's best before end of January 2010, so I found it just in time.

I weighed this morning and hadn't lost any weight. Now that would have been disappointing if it hadn't been for the fact that yesterday I weighed and I had, apparently, put on 3 lbs. (I know you're not supposed to weigh that often but Husband was grumbling about the scales being wrong as he had put on 4 lbs so I got on to reassure him.) I suppose, if we put a nice spin on it, you could say that I've lost 3 lbs ...


Furtheron said...

You've lost 3lbs :-)

Did you see the Tigers v Wasps game? Not pretty, a dour forwards smashing forwards game, I think next Sat might be the same if the Tigers have their way as their pack was dominant of the Wasps.

For some reason the tax man doesn't ask me for returns any more... they just keep telling me I don't pay enough tax!

Lia said...

I didn't loose any weight this week either, I think we have the same scales lol.

Either that or someone has their foot on the back of my scales.

Much love