Monday, January 11, 2010

The Adventures of Minni the Mini

Mouse, Husband's new pride and joy, has been renamed Minni, because nobody except me thought that Mouse was a good name.
Today I reversed Minni into a post.
Only very gently.
I planned how I would mention it to Husband. 'You remember how you chipped my brand-new granite worktop?' Then Rob, from McBobo, suggested I should first make him appreciate the fact that I am safe and unharmed. But in the end I just told him. He was putting in petrol ('Diesel actually.' 'Petrol, diesel, it's all the same.') and I couldn't bear the burden any longer.
'Oh you stupid woman.'
Which was pretty mild. Although, as I said, it was a very gentle bump and you can't see a mark.
'You can feel it though.'
Tush! Hardly at all.


Leslie: said...

I actually LOVED the name "Mouse" and even told some friends about it. I thought it was the purrfect name!

CalumCarr said...

You really should be more careful! :)
Husband went half-way across the country to get the car just to give you peace to get the house organised for Christmas!!

nick said...

At least you didn't reverse it into a post-man.

I remember when I got my first (second-hand) car, I got so excited about picking up my girl friend in it that I backed into a wall and smashed several lights. Fortunately I don't get quite so excited nowadays.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I am surprised your hubby let you drive his New pride and joy....or is it an (our) car??

I don't drive but if I did, I doubt if my hubby would let me drive his car....and to tell you the truth i don't think I would want to, for fear of doing something to it!!

Istvanski said...

Dents to a vehicle's bodywork never bother me as I tend to buy beaten up jalopies that already come with war wounds.

Now that the Mini has got its first prang, both hubby and you can now relax. You'll be able to shrug off any future scrapes you acquire more easily.

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