Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When a minute seems like an hour

In Thrive (circuit training) last night one of the 'extras' involved throwing punches interspersed with lying flat on the ground. So, punch, punch, lie down, stand up, punch, punch, lie down, etc.

'You don't have to do a press-up,' Jules, the trainer said. 'Just get your chest on the floor.'

'Some of us don't have so far to go,' I said, rearranging my bosom Les Dawson style. But even that didn't help after a minute of getting up and down. Punching was a doddle; lying down was a doddle; getting up was another matter.

You think a minute doesn't sound long? Think again.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Aaaah! I the experiences we have as we exercise our bodies -- and souls!

Rose said...

I used to go to Curves, where the exercise routine was interval training of 30 seconds each. I often swore the tape that told us to change got stuck when I got on one particularly awful machine that was to firm up your thighs. I don't think I could have stood 10 seconds of this exercise!

By the way, what is the latest Baby Countdown?

jams o donnell said...

Ach there can be a time dilation effect at the gym.. I found the minutes at my lower limb class today passed like the Hundred Years War... each minute that is!

Leslie: said...

It'd take me a whole minute to just get UP! lol

Anonymous said...

I told my pilates teacher I couldn't lift my tummy button alone off the floor because it was lost in my tummy lol. She told me that I was just making excuses.

Suburbia said...

Lovely picture in my mind now Liz!!
Don't think I would have the energy to even think about going in the fist place!


Liz said...

Indeed, nick,

I'm convinced Jules forgets to check his watch sometimes, rose. And 15 days - I have a little countdown on the side of my blog.

I wonder if we could get a grant to research this phenomenon, jams?

It was taking me longer and longer each time, leslie!

How rude of her, hulla!

I had a sneaky nap in the afternoon so i just about made it round the circuit, suburbia!