Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Saturday afternoon

Just back from the pub where we saw Australia beat England. (We had to go to the pub because it's only on sky - boo hiss.) We missed the first 10 minutes of the game (Johnny's penalty and drop goals) as the pub was showing the local football derby between Swansea and Cardiff. Swansea won 3-2, which meant the first half of the rugby was ruined for me by the moron standing near me, singing a song he had obviously - and very proudly - made up himself: we beat the scum, we beat the scum, we beat the f***ing scum. What is it with football fans? Why are they so ... stupid?!

Home now and preparing for the Wales New Zealand game. I'm Welsh: I have to believe in victory for Wales.

But back to the English game. It was Johnny Wilkinson's return to the side and he is just as lovely as ever. Makes watching an England game worthwhile.


Leslie: said...

He does have a sexy squint! Makes me wish I were ??years younger?? lol

Lindsay said...

After Jonny's drop goal, I thought YESSSSS! However not to be - I will get a lot of stick via email from my brother living in Oz!

Ole Phat Stu said...

Completely Off Topic :-

The news here has it that a Swansea man didn't like his 'wanted' pic as issued by the police, so sent them a clearer one!

Just how dumb are the crooks in Swansea?

Furtheron said...

Mrs F said something like "Jonny Wilkinson - didn't think he played any more, how long before he is injured"...

wasn't a bad England performance, still lost but that is the nature of England these days but it wasn't too bad. Defence was on occasions rubbish and we never really looked like scoring a try