Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just like the Queen

I've decided, while hoovering, to be like the Queen and have two birthdays. Tomorrow will be my unofficial birthday and Husband and Younger Son can decide what we'll eat, shop for and cook it and I'll do nothing.

Going to Old Orleans restaurant for chicken and chips before the rugby does not count as a birthday meal.

I shall remind Husband it's his birthday in a few weeks; he's hoping for some whisky ...


Anonymous said...

ahhhh.... I can empathise (sp)

and I've forgotten my password so can't sign in!!!!

A. xx

Rose said...

Happy belated birthday, Liz! At least your husband remembered your birthday. I do have a suggestion for his--a book, if you can find one, on how to buy romantic gifts for your wife:) Oh, but I can empathize! I reminded Husband a week ago that our 40th anniversary is coming up and suggested we do something special. Something tells me I'll be lucky to get a card--if that--and that we might end up eating take-out pizza that night:)

The kitchen remodel, the broken toilet seat, the broken door (sounds like the way my husband repairs things) all will be forgotten when your grandchild appears.

jmb said...

Happy belated birthday Liz. We Scorpios have to stick together. Is you husband one too? Mine is and we could not be more different.

Liz said...

Thank you, A x

I was thinking I might write a book like that, rose!

No, he's the next one, whatever that is, jmb.