Sunday, November 15, 2009

Husband missed me

Husband hugged me and whispered, 'I missed you.'

Now regular readers will know that this is where Husband should have stopped but lemming-like he continued. 'I've been really busy in work AND I had to do the things you usually do.'
'Such as?'
'Walk George.'
'I thought Younger Son took him out.'
'Well, yes, he did but I had to cook dinner.'
'You had leftover cold meat and salad one night and YS cooked fajitas the second night, so all you had to do was "cook" Sainsburys pizzas.'
'Well, I had to do the dishes!'

So what Husband meant was, 'I missed you ... doing the dishes.'

We are having a dishwasher fitted in our new kitchen so I guess he won't miss me at all after that.


NitWit1 said...

Is this some admission men admit we do something besides blog, watch soap operas, engage in long phone conversations, etc???

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Liz, when I was still married, I was the one who cooked (80%) of the meals; walked Muffin the dog; and did the grocery shopping. We had an electric dishwasher, but I was the one who loaded it and unloaded it. My ex-wife was "too busy" managing a greeting card store (and having extra-marital affairs).

Soooooo. work ain't gender specific.

You have my permission to share this with hubby.

Leslie: said...

Next time he says that, just give him a loooooong kiss, say you missed him, too, and WALK AWAY! lol

sally in norfolk said...

why is it everyone hates doing the washing up..... at least now when i return from Cambridge my boys have done it all but it took months of training :-) I would kill for a dish washer :-)

jay said...

Hmmm ... Hubby needs educatin', it seems! LOL!

Furtheron said...

Your husband is rapidly becoming an inspiring mentor to me... does he offer courses in this stuff?

Liz said...

But not a lot, nitwit!

THank you, nick.

Can't I just give him one nasty look, leslie?!

Younger Son does dishes when i'm not here but not when I am, sally!

I think he's too old for that, jay!

I don't think your wife would agree, furtheron!!!