Wednesday, November 04, 2009

George escaped

We haven't had a serious escape attempt for ages. I wasn't too worried when I realised George had disappeared: there's a young labrador next door but one and George normally goes visiting there but I walked down the road, calling him, and there was no sign.

I came back and walked the other way: no George. Down the road again and I saw a police car had stopped at the end of our bit and a policeman was getting out. 'Oh no, he's arresting George!'

But he wasn't. He hadn't seen him either.

Back to the house to get the car keys to drive around the back streets. Nobody there had seen him either. Anxiety was beginning to gnaw at me and some urgent prayers were being directed heavenwards. As I drove past our house again I spotted George sitting happily in the doorway.

I have no idea where he'd been but we have since discovered what he was doing.

When Husband got up first thing this morning there were three - yes 3 - huge piles of sick on the kitchen floor. And it seemed to consist largely of sliced beetroot.


Anonymous said...

eewwww!!! tmi Liz!!!

Anna said...

Brilliant, George! Keep them guessing...

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Mmmmmmmm, compost! Bocephus' favorite.

Leslie: said...

Good 'ole George! lol but yuck

Mauigirl said...

So glad he came home safe! And got rid of that nasty beetroot, LOL!

Trubes said...

I used to have a magnificent Alsation called Victor... he had a liking for pickled onions, he'd even launch himself into mid air, if he was thrown one.
Thankfully, he never ate beetroot.

Did you know, Liz, that beetroot turns urine red, when ingested?

Good job George, produced the 'contraband' before he had a tinkle...You would have been quite concerned if he'd had bright red wee...


Liz said...

Sorry, hippymama! I won't tell you it stained the floor then!

Don't encourage him, anna!

Horse poo is actually George's most favourite, MG.

Good ole george indeed!

So am i, mauigirl.

I have discovered the pink wee for myself, trubes! I eat a lot of beetroot!

Dragonstar said...

Beetroot stains everything! Well done George - but why waste the beetroot?
Our two absolutely adored horsepoo!

Gledwood said...