Thursday, November 05, 2009

Are we having visitors?

First husband asked the question; then Younger Son repeated it when he got home from college.

'No, we are not having visitors!'
'Why are you cleaning then?'

Honestly, anyone would think I only cleaned when we were expecting visitors.

I started by sorting out my underwear drawer as it was impossible to close. I found I have 48 - 49 if you include the ones I'm wearing - pairs of knickers. I've arranged them into three piles:
special day ones;
everyday ones;
sloppy 'I need to let it all hang out' day ones.

And I was very good: I forced myself to throw some of my favourite in the latter category in the bin. I was late for prison yesterday and and had to run and I found myself in the middle of a busy main road in Swansea with my knickers dangling around my thighs.

It was just a relief I was wearing jeans.


nick said...

I know a few people who actually clean "because it hasn't been done since last week" or even "because who knows when a visitor might turn up". Well, if a visitor turns up here unexpectedly, they'll just have to accept the dust bunnies and general chaos and food-spill on the hob. And they'd better not peek into my underwear drawer, they might regret it.

MissKris said...

My underwear/sleepshirts/socks/etc are all tossed willy-nilly in a drawer. Actually, everything I have is in sort of a willy-nilly state of being. I have gotten very lax in being the uber-organized nutcase I used to be. Grandbabies and my schedule have taught me to let it go. As long as things aren't filthy...just cluttered...I don't care any more. It's not like we have much company anyway. It's usually me, Dear Hubby, and the kids who see it all. They're easy to please, ha! SPECIAL day undies? Now, that has my curiosity piqued, haha!