Monday, October 05, 2009

My marriage cast into doubt

I had to go to the Registry Office this afternoon to get a copy of our marriage certificate as Husband had misplaced the original and needed it for some pension stuff. It took so long that I had time to read all the magazines before my name was called. The lady apologised but said there'd been a bit missing from the original entry and they'd had to check it out.
'But I am really married?' I asked.
'Oh, yes, you can't get out it that easily.'

Ah well, probably just as well. I wouldn't be able to get anyone else to put up with me.


mutleythedog said...

Any good magazines at all? Chat and Take a Break or just old copies of the Readers Digest?

Lia said...

You wouldn't really want to get out of it.
Well not till you get the new kitchen installed anyway!!!!

much love

Eunoia said...

When we got married (in a German registry office) the registrar insisted on a piece of paper from the Britsh Consul in Düsseldorf certifying that I was 'of sane mind' ;-)

I treasure it to this day ;-)

BTW, whence also the nickname 'Eunoia' ;-)

CherryPie said...

Now don't get talking like that, it is us girls that have to put up with the men ;-)

jams o donnell said...

Ah the not wife has put up with me on and off for nearly 28 years (19 years of continuous partnership). No marriage cert but she should get a medal!

nick said...

Which was the missing bit? The part that said you had two other husbands in Aberystwyth?

Leslie: said...

Ah, you love him, you KNOW you do~! LOL

Liz said...

Swansea Life mags, mutley. A bit like Hello only with Swansea 'celebrities' i.e. the man who runs the local caravan shop etc

That's true, lia!

Must be doubtful, stu!

Oh, tell me about it, cherrypie!

That is a good long time, jams.

Sssh, nick!!

Of course, leslie!

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