Monday, September 07, 2009

The day of machines misbehaving

Driving to work this morning I couldn't get the car to go into third gear, but, hey, how many gears can you need? I managed.

Slightly more irksome was the misbehaviour of the keyboard. If I didn't watch the screen as I was typing - and I don't as I have to look at the keyboard - it left out letters. So I'd try to type 'This keyboard is not working properly', and I'd get 'Ths ybswo gpl'.

Of course it wasn't actually looking at the screen that solved the problem but the fact that it made me type more slowly. Not that I'm a fast typist anyway. And when I say 'solved', what I mean is that I suspect I have a dodgy keyboard.

Or perhaps the moon was in capricorn.

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