Monday, August 24, 2009

The woman who went to look at cookers ...

and came back with a mattress.

I found a marvellous shop specialising in range cookers: I have serious cooker lust. There was one make - Britannia I think - that allowed you to choose the colour of your cooker. Any colour I mean. It could be painted to match your favourite lime green shoes or pink coffee maker. At a price naturally.

But I think I have settled on a Rangemaster 90 in black. I'll just have to hope that we move before I can no longer bend down to get at the oven. Or die.

And then there are kitchen units. We had another man come to measure up this afternoon and a lady's coming tomorrow. None of which is really helping. It's only adding to the confusion.

But you want to know about the mattress. Well, I stopped at Simply Food (an M&S outlet - incidentally have you noticed that M&S parking spaces are wider than normal, presumably to cater for the menopausal shoppers who frequent their stores?) on the way home and it happens to be next to a bed shop. So I bought a mattress. Just as I was leaving, the very good (i.e. at sales) shop assistant said, 'Would you like us to recycle your old mattress? For £30.'
(For £30?!!!) 'No, that's all right. We'll probably use it ... we'll probably get rid of it ourselves.'
I was about to say 'in the garage as protection for when I forget where reverse is.'