Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viennese whirls with a difference

Zac's is officially closed for two weeks while Sean is on holiday but a few of us are using the times to do some painting and cleaning.
Knowing they're Di's favourites, I made some Viennese whirls to take along to keep us going. But these are Viennese whirls with a difference, the difference being that most of them aren't whirly: my pipey thing exploded in the middle of making them.


Suburbia said...

That is very funny Liz! These are a favourite with my children, their granny makes them for them.

Mmmm, I'm just off to the kitchen to see what I can find!

Anonymous said...

They look scrummy - whirl or no whirl! Bet everyone loved them.
Wendy (Wales)

CherryPie said...

Who cares about the whirls, they will still taste just as delicious :-)

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