Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not-aga saga

The kitchen man from B&Q is coming on Friday to measure up. He took all the relevant details and then said, 'One more question: are you having others to quote?'
'Oh.' He looked and sounded surprised.
'Shouldn't I have said that?'
'Most people don't.'

When I told Husband he said, 'You plonker!'

But we're not.

We went looking at cookers again this evening. I can't believe that buying a new kitchen should be so stressful. We're back on our original choice of cooker - at the moment. Last time we'd almost decided on it, Husband pointed out that oven was very low. 'In ten years time you'll be 66; will you be able to bend down that far?'

Tonight we decided that the other choice was no better in that I'd have to crouch down for that too. My head aches with oven information overload.


Leslie: said...

Goodness! Is the oven THAT low that you'd have to hunch over or squat to put things in and take them out? Ah...just keep exercising and in 10 years you'll be fine to do it. lol

nick said...

Well, I'm 62 and I don't have any trouble bending down....yet. You should have said you were getting several quotes, then they'd reduce the price by about 25%....

Yes, it's hard work choosing all the fixtures and fittings, but if you don't think about it carefully, you'll dislike everything six months down the line....

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