Monday, August 31, 2009

Husband is a softie really

Last weekend Husband got our old cot out of the attic. Or rather he got all the bits out - and found that some were missing.

'I'll look on ebay for a cot,' I said. (For when Baby comes visiting.)
'Don't you want Baby to sleep in the same cot that Daughter slept in?'
'Not if it's broken.'
'I can fix it.'

There's nothing a determined sentimental old granddad-to-be can't do with a bit of wood and a screwdriver.

We just need a new mattress and we're ready!

We were watching Lewis last night when I said, 'What this needs is some chocolate.'
Husband disappeared for a minute and returned with a festively-wrapped package. 'Happy Christmas,' he said.
I looked at him.
'I found it hidden in my wardrobe a few days ago.'

It was a multi-pack of Maltesers.

Ooh, I do love Malt ... Husband. And now he's cooking ratatouille and pasta for dinner so I can blog to my heart's content.


Leslie: said...

It's so exciting preparing for a new baby. When is the big day to be?

Liz said...

November 20th is the due date.

Lia said...

Oh what a big "olde softie".

I will just put "reserved" on the patio spot for him, it seems he still has his uses and he is a sweetie for doing the crib.

much love,
Lia xx

nick said...

I think this is what they call PMT - Periodic Male Tenderness. Very sweet. Long may it last!

jay said...

Awww! How sweet he is! Especially with the Maltesers! That's the sort of thing OH would do!

Don't you just love 'em? Husbands, I mean. Not Maltesers. :P

katney said...

Do be careful that the crib is safe. They are making sure on new ones that the bars are closer together.

And BTW, there is a granny to granny package on its way. Finally stole a box from hubby and packaged it up.

Furtheron said...

sadly we sold our old cot years ago... we have some stuff though in wait for the grandkids... hopefully though that's a while off I'm too young to be a Grandpa yet :-)

MaryB said...

Awwwwww! How sweet! So glad you could fix the old cot.

CherryPie said...

Aww! How sweet :-)

Liz said...

He does have his uses, lia (mmm, yes)!

Nick, in Husband's case it's definitely intermittent!

Someone has to love them, jay!

Oh, thank you, katney. I shall await the post!

I have wanted grandchildren from the moment my children stopped being children, furtheron! Hence all the stuff in the attic!

Thanks, maryb and cherrypie!

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